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Check out the archives for this CIO Council Accessibility Webinar about how to avoid getting your communications material rejected for not being compliant with Section 508. Both presentation materials and a recording are available.

Updated VARC - Nov 18 , 2014

The site is back up again and the Vendor Accessibility Resource Center (VARC) has been updated! We went through all the links in the VARC to see if they were still valid. Broken links were removed and the companies contacted requesting a new one. If you have any suggestions of links to add, please contact us.

TIME: Thursday, November 20, 2014, 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time


DigitalGov is hosting a free on-line webinar, "Optimizing Your Public-Sector Web Analytics Program" September 18, 2014 from 2-3pm.

The Web is by far the primary medium the public uses to interface with government agencies. For their part, government agencies now rely on data more than ever for all aspects of strategic decision-making. In this environment, Web analytics is poised to play an increasingly influential role in government. How can agencies prepare for this transition? What can they do now to optimize their Web analytics programs with the resources available to them?

Recently we received this question,
"We are interested in a buying a product and that product has a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).
The VPAT shows that it is not 100% compliant. Can we craft the GPAT
for that product to mandate 508 even though it has a VPAT or do we look elsewhere for another product"

Our answer is:

If you are buying an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) product from the a reseller or distributor, most of the time they will tell you that they have no Section 508 information on the accessibility of that product and probably will not even know what Section 508 is. Remember, resellers are not responsible for Section 508 conformance of the products they sell. So, how do you get Section 508 conformance information to help you do your market research and make an informed decision? You will need to contact the equipment manufacturer directly for Section 508 information.

Did you know that there are resources such as checklists for creating accessible documents on

What does your agency need to do to improve compliance with Section 508? We have a one-page document that summarizes what is needed. The 10 steps are:

We just updated the guidance document, "Guidance on Creating 508 Compliant IT Solicitations." In addition to your responsibilities to include applicable Section 508 requirements in your solicitations, you need to also make sure that your solicitations documents are fully accessible. This site has resources to help you Create Accessible Solicitation Documents.

Quick Links provide quick and easy pre-packaged Section 508 solicitation documentation for a number of standard Electronic and Information Technology (EIT)/Information and Communication Technology (ICT) deliverables. In addition to providing solicitation language, Quick Links provide a Government Product Accessibility Template (GPAT) that identifies applicable Section 508 provisions.